Family Resort Seiwald

Children’s Playground …

… with trampoline, ropeway, swings and table tennis

Funny trips …

… with Seiwald´s children truck

Children’s Palace …

… with Playstation etc.

Families at the “Wilder Kaiser”

Rübezahl hiking trail

Austria’s longest carved hiking trail with 24 large life-size figures leads from the Hartkaiser-Bergstation to the Rübezahlalm.

More information about Rübezahl hiking trail


The Mountain Adventure World “Hexenwasser” in Söll in Tyrol has thrilled for over ten years both children and adults with it’s gentle natural spectacles.

More information about Hexenwasser

Ellmi´s magic world

On the Hartkaiser in Ellmau, Ellmi’s magic world opens its doors to a mystic journey following the paths of wizarding apprentice Ellmi, who was turned into a giant frog by goblins. To release him, his young successors receive a treasure map and have to solve some tasks on winding paths in this magic world full of surprises.

Kaiser World

In the Kaiserwelt on the Brandstadl near Scheffau, a cheerful “Emperor of Games” invites all his “crownlings” into his castle and his exceptional realm, where they can frolic and play to their heart’s content.


The picturesque Filzalm lake in Hochbrixen, situated on 1,300 m is a gem in the Kitzbühel Alps. Here, the focus lies on stimulating the senses naturally and on consciously sharpening them for the encounter with the Alpine world.


At the Talkaser near Westendorf in the Brixen valley, the Alpinolino Alpine park connects knowledge with experiencing nature in a novel way. You can compete with squirrels and rabbits in long jump or participate in the marmot rally and hide like these quick inhabitants of Alpine pastures.

Hohe Salve

At an altitude of 1,829 m, Hohe Salve offers spectacular views of Wilder Kaiser if you look towards Söll. The location with one of Tyrol’s most beautiful panoramic views is already an experience in itself. But with Hexenwasser below you, why not explore the mountaintop, where visitors are welcomed by Salvenriese, the talking giant.