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Wellnessresort Seiwald
Owner: Anton Seiwald
ATU 31876100
Kapellenweg 22
A-6353 Going am Wilden Kaiser
T: +43 5358 2485

Member of Wirtschaftskammer Tirol
Inspecting authority: Bezirkshauptmannschaft Kitzbühel

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Design & Programming:

SOFTCON GmbH – Design in Web & Print

Salzburger Straße 22a
6380 St. Johann in Tirol
Tel: +43 5352 64300



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All contents are non-binding and without obligation. The author reserves the right to change, amend, delete parts of the website or the entire content without separate notice, or temporarily or permanently discontinue its publishing.

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Hereby, the author states expressively that at the time of the placement of the link no illegal content was evident on the linked websites. The author has no influence on the current and future composition, contents or authorship of the linked/referenced websites. Therefore, he hereby distances himself distinctly from all contents of all linked/referenced websites which were changed after placement of the link. This statement applies to all links and references placed within the author’s own web content as well as to external entries in guest-books, discussion forums and mailing lists established by the author.

The provider of the referred website is solely liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages originating from use or disuse of such provided information, not the person who only refers to such publishing via links.

3. Copyright and trademark law

The author endeavours to respect the copyrights of the used images, sound documents, video sequences and texts in all publications, to use images, sound documents, video sequences and texts created by him or revert to images, sound documents, video sequences and texts from the public domain.
All brand names and trademarks listed in the contents and protected by third parties are liable without restriction to the terms of the trademark law currently in force and the right of ownership of the registered owner. Merely on the basis of denomination alone, it cannot be concluded that trademarks are not protected by third party rights.

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4. Data protection

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5. Validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be considered as part of the web content which referred to this website. Insofar as parts or single formulations of this text do not, no longer or not entirely correspond to the current law, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and their validity.