Dive into our relaxing worlds
Wellness on 3000
square meters

Lie down, sink in, feel the warmth, experience weightlessness – the Haslauer Soft-Pack-Lounger is pure relief for your joints. Free floating, infinite ease.

Spiritual harmony leads to an attractive appearance! Enhance this further with a visit to our hairdresser. You just need to sit down and relax while our stylist works their magic.

Make-up for the big show? No problem, our beauticians will take care for you too!

Sky Whirlpool & 360° Sauna

Enjoy the georgeous view around Wilden Kaiser.
Our new wellness area on the rooftopmakes every moment special and unvorgetabel.
The new 360° Sauna has to be tested! Its ineffable!

Indoor swimming pool

Water Paradise

Water is life. But it can also be an experience. Water makes life fun.

In our fantastic and beautiful indoor swimming pool you can really dive in. With 80 m2 of water area you’ll find enough place. Enjoy our 30° heated indoor pool in summer or winter. Or lounge in the whirlpool bubble bench with a great view across the small mountain farm idyll and the village of Going.

Home cinema…

enjoy video or live broadcasts on our big screen by the pool.

Outdoor Pool With The Best View!

Why look further, when the best view is right here?

Just lie in the pool and enjoy the beautiful scenery or enjoy our luxury whirlpool all with pool service. This will not only open up the pores – it also opens the heart.

And the crowning glory? A massage in the fresh air. Of course all with a view to the “Wilder Kaiser” mountains.

Sauna Village

Pure comfort

Relax. Exhale. Let go. Sounds simple, but it´s not. You can relax and let go of everything. Let your worries drift away. In our sauna village we have provided for you a pleasant warm, harmonious atmosphere …

A pleasing Salt Bath perhaps? A visit to the Salt Grotte is such a balm for the skin. And then brave the “Kneipp-street” directly into the “Ötzi-cold room in the rock”. Here the spirits are yodeling…

Enjoy the pleasures of our steam bath, tepidarium and infrared cabin

Of course you can also sweat it out with a tour through the “Wilder Kaiser” mountains or you could visit our large sweat room.

Another hot tip: Our Light Therapie. Close your eyes, Turn on the lights. Just let yourself be pampered.

Wellness in the Hotel Seiwald

Indulge yourself something good. Relieve the stress with a body massage or choose from our extensive range of beauty treatments.

We look forward to meeting you!



Really fit!

Sometimes it just has to be more than just leisurely hiking.. Because you feel this strange desire to pluck out two or three trees.

That’s why we made a completely new gym for you! With everything that belongs there. Because we still need our trees …

Enjoy your time in our bright, large gym with a great view of the green fields and forests.



Classic full body massage

50 min | 54.- Euro
80 min | 82.- Euro

With gentle kneading and stroking, tensions are released and the muscles revived. Well-being and relaxation for the entire body.

Half body massage (back-neck or legs)

25 min | 37.- Euro

Aching back or legs?
Here you will have quick relief and be doing so much better!

Aroma oil relaxation massage

50 min | 59.- Euro
80 min | 86.- Euro

Full body massage with precious warm oils. Relaxation for body and soul.

Foot reflex zone massage

25 min | 37.- Euro
50 min | 59.- Euro

Every human body part is reflected in our feet. It will activate the energy pathways in the body.

Ideal combination

50 min | 59.- Euro

Back, Neck and Foot reflex zone massage.

Neck special

50 min | 59.- Euro

Everything pulls in the neck / shoulder area and hurts even slightly?
It´s time with special massage techniques to ease tension carefully!

Therapy with “singing bowls”

50 min | 57.- Euro
80 min | 82.- Euro

Deep relaxation from the ancient asian healing therapy.
The cell body vibrations are harmonized and strengthening the self-healing powers.

Child massage

15 min | 20.- Euro

For our small guests.


50 min | 57.- Euro
80 min | 89.- Euro

By gently laying on of hands you get a new energy. Reiki removes blockages and cleans at all levels.

Energy centers will harmonize and activate. Body, mind and spirit come into balance.

Lomi Lomi Nui

110 min | 105.- Euro

The Queen of relaxation massages.  A lot of noble oil all over the body will help you let go of the old and to assume the new.

Facial Treatments

You are stressed,  occupationally in high gear, and now you want to relax while at the same time do your skin some good?

Our pampering facial treatment is exactly right for you!

Classic Facial Treatment

60 min | 59.- Euro

Cleaning, peeling, correcting eyebrows, mask, massage

Tailor made to your needs

90 min | 89.- Euro

Cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, correcting eyebrows, mask, massage

Eyebrow tinting

9.- Euro

Eyelash Tinting

11.- Euro

Chin / upper lip epilating

9.- Euro

Day Make-Up

30 min | 29.- Euro

Type specific advice and execution

Body Treatments

Packages in the soft pack

45 min | € 48,-

Floating and gently swaying, you are in a pleasant tempered world. You do not come in contact directly with the water, which is at about 38°C, though precious essences are carefully applied to your body and it is gently wrapped. Wonderfully relaxing!

Seaweed (purifying / detoxifying)
Orange (regenerating / conditioning)
Nightcandles (specially for dry skin)
Lavender (very calming)
Alpine Latsche (cold / joint pain)
NEW: Aloe Vera – after sunbathing (moisturizing / nourishing)

Beautiful hands

Clipping and forming, nail bath, nail care, polishing and hand massage.

Wellness manicure with nail polish 60 min.  € 43,-
Wellness manicure without nail polish 60 min.  € 39,-

Beautiful feet

Peeling foot bath, corneal remove, cut nails and polish.

Wellness pedicure with polish 60 min.  46,-
Wellness pedicure without polish 60 min.  42,-


Full body peeling & relaxing massage. 50 minutes. € 80,-
Full body package of your choice & relaxing massage. 70 minutes. € 80,-
Full body peeling and body package of your choice. 70 minutes. € 80,-